Home Delivery, Setup & Removal

We're happy to offer home delivery for all our products on orders over $45 as well as setup and removal for trees of all sizes.

If you choose delivery, your delivery fee will be calculated based on the items in your cart when you click CHECK OUT and you will see it on the subsequent "Shipping" page.  Please be sure to click the Local Delivery box on the "Shipping" page under Shipping Method in order to ensure the correct fee is added.

Our current delivery service area is mapped below.  If delivery is not offered for your address through this website, please call or email us to make special arrangements.  We regularly add delivery time slots and expand our service area and will prioritize doing so based any request you make.

In-home setup and removal services must be added to your cart prior to checkout.

COVID-19 Precautions

  • Any staff member with COVID symptoms or a positive COVID test will be directed to remain home strictly prevented from engaging with customers.
  • Any staff member providing delivery or tree setup service will wear a mask and practice social distancing at all times upon request. Please don't hesitate to ask if this will make you more comfortable. We ask that any customer with COVID concerns coming into contact with a staff member also wear a mask.
  • We won't put you or your family at risk, and we ask that you do the same for our staff.


  • Delivery service consists of transportation of your order to your front door (or backdoor, backyard, etc. as instructed) within your chosen time slot and a fresh cut on the stump of your tree right as it is pulled off the delivery truck.
  • Our delivery trucks carry extra trees so you can choose the one you want and not worry about getting stuck with one you don't like.
  • If you have a particular tree style preference (fat, narrow, thick, etc.) please let us know in the 'SPECIAL REQUESTS, DELIVERY INSTRUCTIONS, ETC.' box on the cart page at checkout and we'll find specific trees for you to choose from that match those preferences.
  • Delivery time slots are made available based on the delivery address you enter on the Cart page during checkout.  If delivery is not offered for your address via the website please call or email us to make special arrangements.
  • We encourage you to have someone home to meet your delivery but we can leave your order if you provide detailed instructions in the 'SPECIAL REQUESTS, DELIVERY INSTRUCTIONS, ETC.' box on the Cart page at checkout.
  • Please keep in mind that we will provide a fresh cut on the tree stump upon delivery and you should then get it into water within an hour.  If you'll be unable to do so please consider another delivery time or let us know and we can make special arrangements to put it in a temporary water container outside your home.

In-Home Setup Service

  • To add In-home setup service for your tree order, please click the "Add In-Home Setup" box when selecting your tree.
  • Our setup service includes installation of your tree in your tree stand or one purchased from us, and positioning the tree wherever you want it.  We ensure the tree is straight, stable and safe and that you are satisfied with the tree and the setup.
  • If using a stand you already have, please describe it in the 'SPECIAL REQUESTS, DELIVERY INSTRUCTIONS, ETC.' box on the Cart page when checking out and include any special requirements.

Tree Removal Service

  • To add In-home setup service for your tree order, please click the "Add Removal Service" box when selecting your tree.
  • Our tree removal service includes removal of your stand from the tree to be stored for next year and disposal of the tree.
  • You can provide a desired removal date and time at checkout in the 'SPECIAL REQUESTS, DELIVERY INSTRUCTIONS, ETC.' box on the Cart page which we will confirm with you, or you can make arrangements via phone or email anytime through January 20th, 2023 if you don't know exactly when you'll want your tree removed yet. 
  • We reserve the right to cancel any removal booking and refund the associated removal fees for any trees not removed by January 22nd 2023.

SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - We will always strive to ensure you are happy with your order.  If for any reason you are not happy with any of the tree options available on the truck making your delivery, we will come back to your home on another delivery run with more options for you to choose from based on your feedback.

Once you've placed an order online you can always come to any of our physical locations anytime during our open hours to pick your tree from our extensive selection and we'll gladly deliver it or load it up on your car for you to take home.