How do I order online?

  1. Measure your space to ensure your tree will fit the intended space.
  2. Add products to your Cart from the Products page.
  3. To include tree Setup and/or Removal services, tick the corresponding box on the Product page when adding a tree to your cart
  4. When you're ready to check out, navigate to the Cart page.
  5. Once on the Cart page, navigate to the bottom of the page and enter your zip code under Local Delivery for our delivery service. If you will be picking up your tree at one of our locations, select Pick Up then choose the location and date.
    • If you are located inside of our delivery area, you will be prompted to select an available date and time slot for your delivery. Please note, you must select a date and time for your delivery on the Cart page for the local delivery option to show up on the check out page. 
    • If you are outside of our delivery area, please call or email us to make special arrangements.
    • If you have any special requests or instructions please add them in the SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS FOR SELLER text box. This might include describing the style of tree you desire (wide, narrow, dense, bushy, etc.), specific requirements for height or trunk size/diameter (some tree stands only fit a small diameter trunk), or instructions for making delivery (if no one will be home, where to park, where to drop the tree, who to call, entry code needed, etc.)
    • Lastly, if your purchase is meant to support one of our fundraising partners, you can select which partner using the dropdown menu underneath your total.
    1. After making your Cart page selections click the CHECK OUT button at the bottom.
    2. You will then be taken through the checkout process. Please note, if you've chosen to have your tree delivered, you will be required to enter your shipping address on the Information page and to select the "Local Delivery" Shipping Method. If you will be picking your tree up, select the local pickup Shipping Method.

      How do I care for my tree and keep it fresh and safe?

      • Make sure a fresh cut is taken off the bottom of your tree's trunk shortly before it goes in water (within 30 minutes ideally, an hour max)
      • Position your tree away from heat sources (working fireplace, radiator, heat register, prolonged direct sunlight)
      • Check your tree's water every day and refill it! (Never let it go dry.)
        • If it runs dry you will need a new fresh cut on the stump or the tree will not absorb any more water

      What should I consider before coming to the tree lot?

      • Measure the space where your tree will go.
      • Check your ceiling height (and allow for the height your stand and tree topper will add). 8-foot measuring sticks at our tree lot will help you see how any tree you're considering relates to an 8-foot ceiling.
      • Does your tree stand have a collar or other limitation on the size trunk it will take? Bring it with you.

      What should I consider when choosing a tree?

      • Decide what you like -- wide or narrow, dense or with more space between branches -- it's your preference.
      • Aspects like a long tip or "too much" trunk can usually be "fixed" using our tools on the lot if you like the tree otherwise.
      • Think about your ornaments -- long, dangly ones need space! Heavy ones need sturdy branches.
      • Keep in mind trees always look smaller outside than they do indoors!
      • Check the freshness of your selection. Run your fingers down a branch and gently tug on the needles to see if they're firmly attached. It is normal for some needles to die off and fall off as the trees are handled.
      • Real trees properly cared for are safer for your family and are more environmentally friendly. Planted and grown specifically for holiday décor, they help clean the air. After the holiday they get mulched and return to the environment. Artificial trees are made from petroleum-based chemicals per Science20.com and are transported from the other side of the world.

      What if I'm buying my first tree?

      • It's not rocket science, and everyone has a first time. Our friendly staff is glad to guide you through your options.
      • Do you need a stand? You can get that from us with a demonstration of how to put it on.
      • Need lights? They're right here for you -- white or colored incandescent mini-lights.
      • A tree removal bag can protect your floor and save hassle when it is time to take your tree down.

      How do I dispose of my tree after the holidays?

      • We offer easy removal service.  You can add it to your online order, or contact us anytime to set it up.
      • Remove all decorations(ornaments, lights, tinsel, etc).
      • Empty any water in the stand.
      • If you use a disposal bag, pull it up over the stand and tree to catch needles and take the tree outside.
      • Remove the bag and take your stand off. (If the bag has no holes, it can be folded up to use next year.)
      • Check with your refuse collection service for when they will collect trees curbside. (Most will not take if you leave a disposal bag on.) City of Alexandria residents with refuse collection services from the city put trees on the curb by 6 a.m. on your regular collection day. Click for more information or call 703-746-5323

      Other Questions?

      • Feel free to call or text us at  703-646-0250 or email us at info@almostheavenlytrees.com.