About us

Each holiday season since 1982, customers in the Alexandria, VA, region have found excellent quality Christmas trees and greenery at great prices from the Gallery family and their team.

Many of the beautiful trees you'll find on our lots are grown in Almost Heaven, West Virginia—actually in Hampshire County, WV, the first county over the border west of Winchester, VA, out US Rt. 50. Some have grown from seedlings on the Gallery family tree farm in Augusta, WV, while others come from trusted growers. You can come up and visit where the trees start out and stay in our relaxing vacation rental house, Just Far Enough Getaway.

 Four members of The Gallery Gang

Matt, Shari, Nate and Phil in 2016

Additional trees come from a top grower at higher elevations in Virginia and North Carolina, where Fraser Firs most commonly grow. The trees for Martha Stewart Living' December 2008 issue Christmas feature came from that grower and she is certainly known for being a selective customer.

Helping Grammy assemble stands for customers

The Gallery offspring started helping with the trees as toddlers. Matt and Nathan have finished careers as Naval Officers (Matt is still a reservist) and moved on to the business world. One twin daughter is working in Seattle, WA, after serving in Azerbaijan in the Peace Corps and the other works in Winchester, VA. When able to fit it into their busy schedules, they return to help and visit with our long-time friends at the tree sales lots. And offspring of some long-time customers even work on occasion assisting current customers.

In 2015 granddaughter Eva got in the act,
helping "Grammy" assemble tree stands.

Son Nathan drilling a stump for a customer.

Son Nathan, seen here cutting a stump for a customer.




 We want to make sure you'll have a good experience with this important part of your family holiday. Live trees are a safer choice for your family according to HealthyChild.org They are also more environmentally friendly — remember, Christmas trees are planted and grown as a crop, so they get re-planted and help clean the air. After the holiday they get mulched (Alexandria City tree recycling program) and return to the environment in a natural way. Any spraying happens months earlier so the trees have been well washed with rain by the time they come to the tree lot. Made from petroleum-based chemicals (per Science20.com) artificial trees are also transported from the other side of the world.