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2019 Tree Prices (all prices include sales taxes)

Tree Size Fraser Firs
3 to 4 ft $30
4 to 5 ft $45
5 to 6 ft $65
6 to 7 ft $80
7 to 8 ft $95
8 to 9 ft $130
9 ft to 10 ft $165
10 ft to 11 ft $195
11 ft to 12 ft $275
12 ft to 13 ft $325
13 ft to 14 ft $425
14 ft to 15 ft $525
Fraser Fir tree example
Fraser Fir branches are sturdy, needles are plump and short.
Fraser Fir tree example
Fraser Fir
For special requests, such as larger trees, contact us.


We offer quality stands for a variety of tree sizes, all made in the USA.

Cinco Express 8 Tree Stand
(for trees up to 8-ft tall, trunk 6-inch diameter, holds 1.3 gallons water )
Cinco Express 10 Tree Stand
(for trees up to 10-ft. tall, trunk 7-inches in diameter,
holds 2 gallons of water
Cinco Express 12 Tree Stand
(for trees up to 12' tall, trunk 8" diameter, holds 3 gallons of water)
Cinco Express 12 stand for larger Christmas trees
Cinco Tabletop Tree Stand
(for smaller trees with 3" or smaller trunk)
Cinco tabletop Christmas tree stand
Superior Tree Stand
(designed by tree growers—with a lifetime guarantee) Holds 2 gallons water. Accepts any size/shape trunk, no need to trim bottom branches.

Superior Tree Stands

If you have a Superior Tree Stand but have lost your instructions,
click here for the front, and click here for the back

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